LIU Yen-Cheng  Artistic Director 

1986年生,南投人。國立臺北藝術大學舞蹈研究所畢業,主修創作。2017年創立「大身體製造」。 作品經常關注人活著並且存在的主題,作品核心是「人活著就有身體,有身體就有動作」,創作方法是「一切都是素材」。回歸到身體運動的本質與起源,探索身體的可能性,與身體知覺的覺醒。透過從日常中挖掘動作,關注普通之中的非凡;除了身體之外也利用更多不同的媒材,如物件、視覺、聲音元素等,共同創造作品,在現實中創造幻想;在幻想中創造現實。 三度獲「羅曼菲舞蹈獎助金」、並曾入選「雲門舞集創計畫」、「國家兩廳院藝術基地計畫-短期駐館藝術家」,持續進行創作及實驗計劃。 2013年曾以作品《無處》獲北京國際芭蕾舞暨編舞比賽評審特別獎。世安美學獎得獎作品《再見吧!兔子》於2014至2017年間巡演法國、西班牙、德國、香港、馬來西亞等國,在外亞維儂藝術節、杜塞朵夫舞蹈博覽會引發關注。作品《怪獸》更甫於2019愛丁堡藝穗節獲得「獨特大膽令人喝采」的五星評價。 主要編創作品:《A Piece of Cake》(2019)、《垃圾》(2018)、《怪獸》(2017)、《下面》(2016)、《最高的地方-大家都同款》(2015)、《一段暫時的混亂》(2014)、《再見吧!!兔子》(2013)等

Choreographer, performer, music designer and artistic director of Dua Shin Te Production.

Born in 1986 in Nantou, Taiwan. Graduated from Graduate Institute of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts.

Liu’s works often exhibit his thematic interest in human existence. The ethos of his creations is that “the life exists when the body exists; the body exists when the movement exists.” His approach is to return to rudimentary origins of body movements, seek the awakening of physical knowledges, and pursue the body’s boundless possibilities. By excavating performance movements from daily life, and by integrating other important materials, such as objects, visual or audio elements into our works, he attempts to create fantasy in reality, and reality in fantasy.

His persistent research and creation have won many supports: from LMF Dance Fund (2013 and 2016), from Cloud Gate Art Makers Project (2016), and from NTCH Art Residency Project (2017). With his work Nowhere he was awarded a special prize for choreography by Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition in 2013. His duet piece Tschüss!! Bunny, the winner of S-AN Artistic Creation Award, has toured from Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, US, Spain, France, to Germany.

His choreography pieces include The End of Journey (2018), Monster (2017), under surface (2016), The Highest Place-All the Same (2015), Tschüss!! Bunny (2013).